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Welcome to CAMI Website

The demands on educational departments, learners and educators to improve their numeracy and literacy proficiencies are distressingly high. Learners need to be sculpted to become effective contributors to the economy of the world.

Therefore, the need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is greater than ever before. ICT is an important enabler for effective teaching and learning. Emphasis on empowering educators and learners is essential to improve numeracy and literacy skills.

CAMI provides an opportunity for individuals to build human capital and facilitate employability, to enhance their quality of life and contribute to the realisation of their dreams and aspirations.

Who are we?

CAMI Education has been at the forefront of Educational software since 1984.

In 1993 CAMI partnered with various schools in the Johannesburg area. Today CAMI is used in more that a thousand schools in South Africa. International educational institutions also recognised the inherent value of the software and CAMI is proud to announce current involvement in countries such as India, Australia, Singapore and England, to name but a few.

CAMI offers the greatest and most effective suite of educational software, making it invaluable in helping your children meet the challenges of tomorrow!

Our Mission Statement

Everything that we do is governed by a single, simple philosophy: "Will it produce results, and will it do so quickly?"