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Product Info :

Why are so many schools in the world using CAMI for their numeracy training?

It produces results and it does so quickly!

CAMI's unique instructional technology excites, motivates and challenges students of all ages and levels. Combining the latest teaching theories and computer capabilities, the entire system promotes an understanding of important critical thinking skills. The authors are active mathematics specialists who, between them,  have been successfully teaching the full spectrum of school mathematics since 1984. Many thousands of students have benefited from having worked on the CAMI system.

Why does the CAMI system work so well?

CAMI software makes use of modern technology.  Development began in 1984.  Several programming philosophies were tried before a new, dynamic, results driven programming style was chosen. Using CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) programming techniques, the efficiency of the CAMI system was trebled during 10 years of research and development.

This system is used for diagnosis, practice and remediation and helps the student to understand and solve real-life problems. The programs are highly interactive, provide reinforcement of all concepts and are flexible enough to allow simultaneous access to a wide range of different problems and calculations.

CAMI is DIAGNOSTIC - The students' progress is monitored continuously as they work on an exercise. Immediate feedback highlights problem areas which can then be concentrated on and remediated. Similarly,  students who have mastered a concept or level are able to move onto more challenging and enriching work. Individual reports may be printed.  These reports analyze the results and highlight problem areas.

CAMI provides PRACTICE - Drill and practice exercises are given to each student, focusing on the exact level and skill that needs reinforcement. The activities feature a wide range of exercises which provide practice and review in mental computation, logic and problem solving.  Students work at their own pace. Most of the programs include three or more progressive levels of difficulty.

CAMI is FLEXIBLE - Teachers are in control of the learning process and they may tailor the type, level and number of exercises for each workstation.  No pre-programming of paths, breakpoints or levels of difficulty is required. The program can be interrupted at any stage and scores will be automatically stored for all work done to that point.  The characters and figures on the screen are large enough to be seen from the back of the classroom, allowing the educator the option of whole class tutoring.

The MANAGEMENT system is completely automatic. The student's progress is recorded on a disc.  From here individual scores, a summary of scores or a printout of the summary can be obtained by simply making easy selections from the menu.

  • It is the fastest mathematics software available on the world market.  This leads to it having the highest work rate and the best service to students which results in optimum utilisation of computer hardware and teaching time.
  • This simple, efficient and user-friendly program can be easily monitored and controlled by one person, ensuring that large groups or classroom environments are managed with ease.
  • The syllabus is comprehensively covered, from pre-school to Grade 12.
  • This program is being continuously updated to remain abreast of developments in the curriculum and changes being made in the maths syllabus.
  • When a student makes an error, the background colour of the screen changes. This makes it very easy to identify students who are experiencing problems.
  • Many of the programs contain unique aids, such as pop-up calculators, which appear on the screen when requested by the student.
  • The students' progress is continuously monitored and professional reports can be printed.
  • The software has been designed for use on a network, and therefore requires low specification, diskless workstations ensuring lower installation and maintenance costs.
  • Since no computer preparation is required from the teacher, he/she is able to spend quality time with the students.
  • Training is included in the price. This means that the program can be utilised fully and effectively within the shortest period.


Product Info :