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Glenanda Primary School
Mr. Percy HumanGlenanda Primary has used the CAMI Mathematics Computer Software extensively for the past 17 years. our pupils from grade 1 to 7, use the program once a week for a  40-minute session. Read the full article click here.  Or click here for a secondary link.  
Woodbridge Primary Luzette Snyman 

Woodbridge Primary is a disadvantaged school in Milnerton in the Western Cape. The school uses the CAMI Maths programme with the specific focus to see if they can improve their Grade 6 WCED numeracy systemic test results from 2008 until now.

This is the results for Grade 6:








This is a clear indication of the power of the CAMI Maths program and how it can improve the numeracy results of schools.

Northwood Prep Mr. Bernie Westacott
 Appropriate use of technology can enhance the teaching and learning process. All the pupils use our Computer Aided Maths Instruction (CAMI) system installed on the school network. The system contains practice material in mathematics from Reception to Y8 and beyond to A-level. It keeps individual and class records, which enable teachers to monitor the development of pupils and to produce reports, helping them in their assessment and planning. Every pupil spends at least half an hour a week on the system as part of the normal timetable.  Read the full article click here...

 Greenside High School

 Louise Wolhutter“Grade 10 of the CAMI Maths is now part of the students regular class period. It is now integrated with our everyday lessons and is no longer just and after hours or extra lesson activity.”
 Komga Junior School Mr Noble “CAMI is an absolute blessing to us!!”
 Northdene Prep School Irma Lewis “CAMI is like a dream to us.”
 Pietermaritzburg Girls High Pamela Argul “We are happy with the new system as it is really easy to use.”
 Sonitus School Adele Kemp “CAMI programs works fine. The Support Service is excellent too.”
 Amanzimtoti Primary School Mr. Laurie Phillips “We can see good results from the students.”
 Beaufort Wes Voorbereidingsskool Mrs Geel “The kids are enjoying CAMI and I am seeing positive results with the kids that were struggling with reading.”
 Eunice Primary School Charl Claasse “Teachers like the programs a lot, and is easy to use.”
 Fichardtpark Primêre Skool Johanna Els “I love the programs especially the PSB and Maths.”
 Ficksburg Laerskool Colin Radman “We like the new upgrades in the program a lot and also like working on the Reader program. All the CAMI programs are very nice to use.”
 Florida Laerskool Cornel Mouton “We love the CAMI programs.”
 Edenvale High School Charmaine Stone “These are brilliant programs.”
 Glenanda Primary School Rudie “The students love the program and it helps them a lot with their Maths.”
 Edu-Centre Hendrik Verwoerd Hoërskool Monica “I like the new 2009 release a lot. I am very impressed.”
 Grey College Primary AC Collin
 “The students are enjoying the programs.”
 George Randell Primary SchoolKathleen Salzwedel“We are very impressed with CAMI Support Service.”
 Gelofte Skool Talitha “I think the Diagnostics is one of the BEST programs ever made for the schools.”