New CAS System
Introducing our new CAS system

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What is CAS?

The CAMI Assessment System (or CAS), is a product which currently provides online math
exercises, ranging from pre-school through grade 12. An assessment builder automatically selects
questions from desired areas of content to produce assessments suitable for testing progress in class.
These assessments may be completed online, with automatic marking, or may be printed for offline

What can CAS do for you?

As a teacher, much of your time is spent preparing for lessons, producing and marking assessments,
and yes, teaching too.
CAS can save you time. A lot of time. And as they say, time is money!

Tablets and Technology in Schools

These days, the rage is all about tablets in schools, and tablet applications abound for aiding in
teaching a variety of subjects. Much is spoken of how tablets may be used to replace traditional
text books in schools, saving printing and replacement costs.
Although the use of tablets in schools may as yet be far from ubiquitous, the use of technology in
many schools has become commonplace. It is not surprising to see teachers provided with laptops
and full Internet access, and use these facilities to prepare and present lessons or capture marks.
Even students are often expected to have access to computers, tablets, printers and Internet in order
to complete given tasks.
CAS presents itself in this space as a digital replacement for worked exercises to be found at the end
of chapters for traditional text books.

Typical uses for CAS

Students may navigate to an exercise which corresponds to a topic in the curriculum, and be
presented with a set of multiple choice questions. For each question, there is a corresponding help
screen- which corresponds to the “answers to worked questions” section at the end of traditional
text books. Therefore, students may use CAS for revision and to ensure that they know their work.
Teachers may task students to complete given exercises in CAS, in the same way that they currently
direct students to complete worked exercises for homework.
Of course, the difference is that CAS will automatically mark exercises completed online, and
provide teachers or parents with a detailed report of a learners ongoing performance.

Is that the end of it?

Of course not!
Teachers may use an assessment builder, which uses CAS content to produce assessments.
Typically, these assessments could be used to replace the weekly or biweekly class tests which
currently take up so much of a teachers time.
Speaking of time, to produce an assessment using CAS can take a teacher less than five minutes!
Assessments can be completed by students online, or may be printed for offline completion. When
completed online, assessments will be presented without access to the help screens, and will be
automatically marked and added to the students record without the teacher having to do anything.
For offline usage, CAS will automatically produce a memorandum (mark sheet) or a “study guide”
corresponding to each assessment, consisting of all of the help screens associated with each
So whether or not students have access to tablets or PC's during class time, CAS can save teachers a
whole lot of time and effort.


When a teacher presents a task to students, the task is represented by a virtual trophy. The trophy
will have a name, such as “<schoolname>: Mr's Brown's Grade 5 Math Trophy”. Students see the
trophy in a list after logging into CAS, select it and click a “Compete!” button to complete the
associated exercise. The trophy has a leader board where the whole class can see a ranking.
Once the class has completed the work for the trophy, the teacher can select another exercise for the
trophy. This approach is designed to simplify the giving of homework tasks, and foster competitive
behaviour among students.


Circles are groups of people, typically class groups. Teachers can manually add CAS users to
circles, or delegate the task by verbally instructing students to join their circle. This latter method
greatly reduces the administrative load in managing circles.

Centralised personal data

A student's performance record is available to the owners of any circles of which they are a member.
If they do not want the owner of a circle to see their information, they may resign from the circle.
When moving from one school to another, or from one grade to another, the owner of the new class
circle will be able to see the previous performance record for the student. This record is stored
centrally in the cloud, and will be available to the student wherever he or she goes.

Hall of Fame

The hall of fame is a global leader board that provides incentive for those with a competitive drive
to see their name in lights!

Where to From Here?

First, you will need an annual license to enjoy the full benefits of the online CAS system.
If you are a first time buyer of our apps you will first have to register by creating a customer profile
with CAMI Apps which allows you to shop, track the status of your current orders and review your
previous orders. To register, simply click here and scroll down to complete and submit your
Once registered, check that you are logged in so that you can purchase a single or bulk CAS licence
here by selecting the license relevant to your needs: CAS Gr R to 7 or CAS Gr 8 to 12.
Second, go to and sign up by clicking on this icon shown in the right
hand corner:


Click on the “Sign Up” button, complete the registration and click on the “Submit” button.
Sign in to the app and voila, you’re in!
If you require our assistance, please call us on 011 476 2020 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it