CAMI Products

CAMI boasts a suite of  highly effective programs.  These programs are the result of the finest academic research combined with state of the art computer technology, available in both English and Afrikaans.

 CAMI Science

NEW - CAMI Science - Physics Edition

The best Science system.

Age Guide : 15 - 18 Years 

  • Includes waves, sound, mechanics and electricity.

  • Exercises are well researched.

  • Built-in function ensures easy access.

  • Random generation of exercises.

  • Theoretical summaries are included.


CAMI Maths 

An unrivalled maths system.

Age Guide : 5 - 18 Years 

  • Fastest maths software available on the market.
  • Progress is seen quickly, typically within 2-3 months.
  • Problems are automatically marked and the learner’s progress monitored.
  • A complete maths system which creates millions of exercises at varying levels of difficulty.
  • Covers the entire curriculum across all age groups.



CAMI Reader 

 An acclaimed reading and language system.

Age Guide : 5 - 18 Years 

  • A comprehensive phonics section with auditory instructions.
  • Level-defined reading pieces covering beginner to advanced reading techniques.
  • Designed around a sophisticated open text editor that can change any text into a reading piece, whether it be from a newspaper article or a text from another subject.


CAMI Perceptual Skills Builder

The complete Foundation Phase system.

Age Guide : 4 - 10 Years 

  • Ideal tool to ensure school readiness.
  • Enhances intellectual development.
  • The only, single comprehensive system that addresses all perceptual areas such as colour, shape, spacial orientation, associative skills and more.
  • Focuses on whole-brain development.
  • Fun and easy to use!



CAMI Literacy

 An acclaimed literacy system.

Age Guide : 6 - 11 Years 

  • Tackling deep-seated problems
  • Closing gaps in basic training
  • Developing the learner from semi- literate toward functionally literate status=
  • Click here to go to the CAMI Literacy Web page.