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Confidence is a key factor to success in maths and confidence comes through mastery. In maths, learners must master each skill in order to progress proficiently to the next, more advanced skill. When this incremental learning is not achieved, gaps in mathematical knowledge can occur which may compromise the learner’s mathematical development for life.Image 
CAMI Education has been the front runner in Computer Aided Maths Instruction since 1984. Our successful after hours maths program led to the development of CAMI Maths - a comprehensive, curriculum compliant software system for learners aged 5-18. CAMI Maths helps learners to avoid learning gaps.

Benefits :
  • It is the fastest maths system in the world, enabling students to do more sums per minute than any other system.  Results are provided quickly and accurately. Children who progress quickly are, or become, eager, self-motivated learners.
  • Learners can visit and re-visit concepts not yet fully understood. This gives them the opportunity to master and retain the knowledge needed to further their mathematical learning.
  • The Autopilot feature intelligently adapts the exercise content and difficulty according to the student's performance.  This ensures that students are given calculations which are challenging yet manageable.
  • Learners progress at their own pace.
  • Students are able to reinforce and test their own understanding while increasing their speed and accuracy in problem solving.
  • Assessments are grade-defined.

Features :
  • Basic numeracy
  • Applied numeracy
  • Visual numeracy
  • Arithmetic
  • Junior algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Senior algebra


Product Info :