CAMI Perceptual Skills Builder - Main
Product Info :
School readiness skills provide a firm foundation for the learning that is to follow. Many learning difficulties can be traced back to poor perceptual skills. A child with well-developed perceptual skills will find formal learning easier and will acquire new skills and absorb new information quickly and effectively. CAMI Perceptual Skills Builder creates an excellent opportunity for children to develop optimal school readiness.Image 


Benefits :


  • The only program of its kind that deals with all areas of early childhood development.
  • Addresses all eight areas of perception: colour, shape, spatial orientation, associative skills, comparative skills, mental retention, auditory skills and numeracy.
  • Focuses on whole-brain development to increase the brain’s effectiveness and ensures that learning is more integrated and structured.
  • Can be used for children and adults with learning disabilities and attention deficits.
  • Also used by therapists in hospitals for the rehabilitation of brain-damaged patients.
  • Has text and voice assistants and sound, which can be individually selected according to the learner’s needs.


Features :


  • Associative skills
  • Language development
  • Auditory perception
  • Motor skills
  • Sequencing
  • Spacial orientation
  • Memory retention
  • Numeracy and quantity
  • Body awareness


Product Info :