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 Confidence is a key factor to success in literacy and confidence comes through mastery. In literacy, learners must master each skill in order to progress proficiently to the next, more advanced skill. When this incremental learning is not achieved, gaps in reading and spelling can occur which may compromise the learner’s development for life.

CAMI Education has been the front runner in Computer Aided Literacy Instruction since 1984. Our successful after hours Literacy program led to the development of CAMI Literacy - a comprehensive, curriculum compliant software system for learners aged 6 - 11. CAMI Literacy helps learners to avoid learning gaps.


Benefits :

  • Cognitive processing is enhanced through the development of language skills.
  • Visual performance is sharpened during the reading process and reading patterns develop into comfortable, fluent acts of continuous perception.
  • Enhanced facilitation of English linguistic and communication skills in social and home environments.
  • Short and medium-term auditory memory development.
  • Concentration span refinement.
  • Establishing word attack basics - phonics, analysis, synthesis of words.
  • Vocabulary expansion, enhanced retention and association of ideas during the reading process.
  • Utilization of contextual clues, thereby increasing mental processing.
  • Greater self-confidence and self-image enhancement of the individual.


Features :

  • Listening
  • Sounds and Words
  • Write and Speak
  • Read and Think
  • Read and Reason


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