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The CAMI LITERACY system is designed for the learner who works at his/ her own pace. An evaluation process is available for the learner/ teacher/ facilitator, so that progress of strengths/ weaknesses can be monitored on an ongoing basis.       

 The system has a 3-pronged approach: -

  • REMEDIAL – tackling deep-seated problems
  • CORRECTIVE – closing gaps in basic skills
  • DEVELOPMENTAL – developing the learner from semi-literate toward functionally literate status

TARGET GROUPS: Course materials range from the 1st year of formal schooling (approx. 6 years old), to the 5th year (approx. 10 /11 years old) competency levels.

PLACEMENT/ ENTRY LEVELS: Assessment of Word Recognition/ Reading Comprehension levels would establish the appropriate entry level into 1 of the 5 levels available. Training commences at the learner’s fluency level, which is generally 1 or more levels below the instructional level.

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